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Unsure? Book a call with us - tell us about yourself and your needs. We are happy to help with any questions you may have. Simply click the book button below and send us a request with your name, number and best time to contact you.

Why do we charge a monthly subscription for our services - Our services are charged based upon the time and expertise. The ongoing support and the services that we provide for our clients are thorough and done to a professional standard. We offer a free 7 day trial to our memberships so you can get a feel of what we have to offer. It is our job at LAGFX to help guide our clients on there Forex journey and help make them as successful as we can in the world of trading. 

LAGFX member's who have an active subscription with us will have access to numerous benefits until their membership has been cancelled, if you want to cancel your membership at anytime you can do so by going to your profile. If you want more information on what they entail "click here".


VIP Monthly Membership

When it comes to purchasing the LAGFX VIP membership, you will notice that you have multiple choices. Firstly, both Luke and James offer their own VIP chat's separately, for those of you who want to specialise in either avenue and follow their individual strategy. By having this choice, it allows you to cut the monthly cost down whilst still enjoying the content you seek. To find out more information on Luke and James' strategy and what their VIP Chat encompasses, "Click Here".


Alternatively, you may decide that the combination of analysis and services from both the LAGFX Mentors is the right fit for you. By opting for access to both of the VIP Chats, you will gain a 20% discount on the overall monthly cost. This is best for those who want the most value for money!


The final option that you will see available for purchase is our Loyalty Pass. For those of you who have signed up with one of our affiliated brokers and are actively trading the account, gain a huge discount off the lifetime access cost. By supporting us in this way, you will SAVE 80% and only have to pay £50 for LIFETIME access to both Luke and James' VIP Chats.

Lifetime VIP Pass

If you want the best value for your money, this is the right option for you! Gain lifetime access to both Luke and James’ VIP Chats where you can benefit from the LAGFX Brand as long as you want! By paying the fee upfront, you will receive a huge discount. This will save you over £230 in the first year alone! If you are ready to invest in yourself and your progress in the Forex scene, this option is suited to you.

If you are ready to take your trading to the next level, LAGFX has the course for you! Whether you are a complete beginner or need some guidance, we have something tailor made to fit your needs. For more information on what the courses are and what they include, "Click here".

Beginners Course

If you are new to Forex, this is the course for you! This course has been designed to introduce beginners into the industry, laying down the solid foundations needed to become a competent and profitable trader. This course specifically will run you through everything you need to know in order to maximise profits but also minimise your risk. You'll start the course of by learning the basics that Forex entails, then you'll move on to the key aspects of Risk Management before finishing off with some of the tools and strategies that Luke (CEO) uses himself to be profitable.


Beating The Banks Course

This course has been made to expose the secrets behind the Foreign Exchange markets. Retail traders are constantly being manipulated into losses by the large institutions, who lie in the shadows. This course is going to teach you how to avoid falling into their traps. This course combines the knowledge of 3 key areas. Firstly, understand market structure in-depth. Secondly, gain an insight into the Smart Money Concepts and how the institutions leave footprints behind that we can benefit from. Thirdly, take a history lesson as you are taught everything there is to know about the late Richard Demille Wyckoff, a 19th Century trader who revolutionised the markets forever!

Advanced Course

If you are someone who has a good base understanding of Forex, but you are wanting to take your knowledge to the next level, then this is the course for you. This course will cover everything that the Beginners Course includes and so much MORE! Delving into greater detail about the Laws of Structure and the story that the markets tell us, showing you exactly how we can use this to not only read the markets but also profit from them too! This course will help assist you in creating a fully functional trading strategy that will hold the correct values in order to trade safe and profit in the markets.

Booster Pack

Even though you have mastered a strategy and have been implementing your set rules day to day, why are you still failing to succeed? Well, this is likely because your Risk Management and Trading Psychology still needs work. This booster pack will cover everything there is to know about mastering your risk management and safeguarding your equity. On top of this, learn all about trading psychology and the daily implementations this has in our trading. We feel this is the best option for traders to solidify and round-up their strategy to ensure it is profitable longer term.


Are you tired of dedicating countless hours to understanding and educating yourself on the financial markets, only to run up short once again? The LAGFX Mentorship Program has been tailor made and refined to ensure that we can establish you as a confident and competent trader/analyst of the financial markets.


Take part in a 6-Month syllabus with 1-on-1 tutoring from the LAGFX Team. Gain unprecedented access to tools and content never seen before. Below you will see a list of just SOME of the tools and content that you'll be given upon purchasing and enrolling in the Mentorship Programme: 

• Six Months Access to our VIP Chats (saving up to £240 in monthly membership costs)

• Weekly 1-1 Mentorship Sessions on Zoom

• 100's of pages worth of learning content 

• Access to a private archive of Youtube Videos

• Monthly group review/games night Webinars 

• Lifetime discounts to LAGFX products and content

• Access to our Mentorship Forum

If you would like a more detailed look into what you'll be given and granted when purchasing The Mentorship Program, you can "click here" and it will take you to another page filled with a detailed breakdown on both Luke & James programme and what we will cover over the six month period.



    Only valid to Loyalty Members (see desc. for more info)

    Every month
    Access to Luke's VIP Chat (For non Loyalty Clients)
  • Best Value


    Lifetime access to Luke's VIP Chat (For non Loyalty Clients)

    Kick start your Forex journey with this Beginners Course.
    Valid for one year

    A perfect guide to master your Risk Management & Psychology.

    This course is for those who hold basic Forex knowledge.
    Valid for 2 years

    A 1-1 six month syllabus to teach you Forex. (LUKE)

    No longer fall victim to the Institutions. Re-Take Control!

    A complete Forex trading Planner & Tracker

    A 1-1 six month syllabus to teach you Forex. (JAMES)
    Valid for 6 months
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