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LAGFX is a team who communicate well with each other, sharing their thoughts opinions and ideas on the markets, encouraging everyone to learn as they grow. We are a team that focuses on goals and results, we don’t settle for less and we push for only the best, using the plans and strategies we have in place. Collectively we consider ourselves a strong team, with great leaders that act as the glue that holds us together. We set the pace, encourage and motivate our clients helping them become as successful as possible in the foreign exchange market.


LAGFX is a team that embraces diversity, we believe we are more innovative and creative because of it. We all come from varied backgrounds and each have our own unique experiences that improve the services we offer, bringing broader ideas and new perspectives to the table. Having several teams members helps us retain top talent, strengthens our brand and in return boosts profits for all involved. Working in a diverse group means together we can provide the required skills to become a successful trader. Each member of our team has been assigned a particular role based on there strengths and skills.

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As the managing director it’s my job to oversee the team and ensure that not only my clients are happy but so are my staff, I am here to push and encourage everyone to do the best they can in what there specified role is. I do this by supervising, guiding, and delegating executives in their duties.


I’ll be providing potential entry points along side my Head Analyst James, who has been a key member of this team from the start, together we have over 8 years worth of experience in the trading industry, we will be implementing our skills to provide only the best entry points that we can generate for our clients. I’ll also be working along side Jamie our Marketing Director, together we will monitor progress from both our staff and our clients and search for ways to improve and grow as a business.

People assume that being a professional trader is only possible if you are extremely smart and intellectual, but that is far from the truth I am proof of that. I always enjoyed math in school but I wasn't particularly great at it leaving with a GCSE level of a B, and in terms of College, I never finished my two years, I dropped out after my first and that was to peruse and focus on what I was passionate about and that was trading having a side hustle to fund my account and help buy material to learn. All it takes is passion and dedication, I believe anything you put your mind to you can master and become great at


I have been trading for six years, starting when I was just 18. Reading countless books, watching 100’s of hours worth of seminars and practicing throughout my journey. I’ve always had a passion to make money and be successful in this field and have always been attracted to the foreign exchange markets, and the lifestyle it can offer in terms of wealth and freedom, it has no limits. Now I'm at the stage in my career where I feel comfortable and confident to share my knowledge to others and help spread wealth and success to people who show an interest in Forex.

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As head of operations, my role is to ensure the cogs keep turning within the team and community.
This company is part of a huge trading world and our team have specified roles that play a part in
this. It is my job to provide fluidity within these roles so every client will receive only the best
support and advice with educational courses, analytical breakdowns and client care.
Luke and I have known each other for over 20 years and when he told me about the venture he
was taking I knew that this was an opportunity worth diving into. The foreign exchange markets
are a very challenging and potentially risky sector to invest in and it takes time and experience to
benefit from the returns it can give. Luke and the team have many collective years of experience in
trading and we have crafted our own trading strategies that have a high success rate and are ready
to share with the world and create a community that can thrive from financial independence as a
result of this.

I myself have over 10 years of experience in the retail and hospitality sector which has given me
vital skills in customer service and relations alongside leadership and management qualifications
to help with the day to day operation of LAGFX. As part of the team, I also have extensive
knowledge of the Forex market and my main focus are precious metals such as gold and silver.
With the teams combines focuses we are able to produce industry standard analytics for Major/
Minor and Metal currency pairs which is unparalleled from any other provider.

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As Head Analyst at LAGFX my role is to consistently look at the macroeconomics of the market combined with technical and fundamental analysis to provide risk managed quality trading decisions. 


I have many years worth of experience within trading as I’ve been trading independently for two years now. Luke took me in over three years ago, taking the time to teach me the basics of forex, from trends to patterns and showing me the strategies and indicators he uses personally to profit well within the markets, I then took it upon myself to dive deeper into forex as I grew a passion for it and I wanted to better myself and master my own strategies.


My main interest is in GBP & JPY pairs and commodities. I'm constantly looking at these pairs monitoring there behavior and taking note of any fundamental news and how it impacts both GBP & JPY. I will be providing daily insights into the markets and providing potential entry points and chart analysis. My main goal is to quickly help provide you with the basics of trading along side Luke, giving you thorough content and helping you leave our group as swiftly as possible so you can independently trade. 


Me and Luke both have a common agenda, we’re both tired of the new social media trader trend and are disgusted by the lack of compassion towards people’s equity and life savings. We wanted to build a quality team to help guide new individuals looking to become a success in the trading world as well as making it either a secondary or preliminary income.

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As the Marketing director, my role isn’t to just evaluate and develop our marketing strategies, but to also look at ways to progress our business and clients, which will take us to the next level in the game. I have always taken an interest in trading, so with my marketing skills and the professional team around me, I’m certain this will be possible, it’s my mission to make LAGFX a team to remember.


In the near future we will be recruiting other members of staff to take on board here at LAGFX offering a referral scheme to help promote us as not only a team worth joining but a movement, which I will be supervising, so keep your eyes open if this is of interest to you. On top of that it’s my job to, monitor progress, deal with any queries from clients and submit performance reports throughout the team. If you have any questions you can email me here.

I myself also trade with LAGFX as its a great way to invest spare money, savings and disposable income, we are not here to sell the public and potential clients a dream, big profits aren't going to be flooding in straight away unless you have a lot of equity to invest, unfortunately you need money to make money in this industry. Luke ensures that all clients use top risk management to make sure that we maximize profits and minimize any losses. Our goal for smaller clients wanting to get involved is to follow the potential entry points that we put in place, compound your account to grow your equity and learn from what we offer in the Learning Lounge, and then once you feel confident enough start trading independently.


What we can promise to you and our current clients is a professional service, thorough entry points and market forecasts along side with the material and knowledge to help grow and develop you as a trader.

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