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LAGFX member's who have an active subscription with us will have access to the following benefits until there membership has been cancelled, you can request for your membership to be cancelled or alternatively, you can manually do it yourself on your profile:



Luke (The Founder of LAGFX) has over 7 years of Financial Market experience. Through his career, Luke has not only managed to refine a successful strategy but has also managed to equip himself with a vast arsenal of different techniques and concepts. By developing a strict set of rules, Luke ensures that his analysis and executions on the market are both rational and precise. Due to his ability of refining entries, through the use of fractal structure and its laws, Luke places positions with great RR returns! Some of the tools that Luke has specialised overtime include: Order Blocks, Candlestick Formations, Chart Patterns & Price Action/Structural Laws. By having this variety, Luke can gain multiple areas of confluence when it comes to executing a position. Therefore, allowing him to have a win-rate that can only be desired by most. Years of experience has enabled Luke to be rid of any emotional attachment to his positions, making his trading decisions educated and not emotionally driven. By opting to join Luke's VIP Chat you will learn how to trade like a VETERAN and also gain exclusive access to the following:


• Daily Analysis and thorough rundowns on Forex pairs Luke is looking to trade.

• Regular POTENTIAL ENTRY opportunities that can be used as a guide to place your own positions.

Monthly educational videos covering topics within Luke's trading plan.

• Live Trading Session's exclusive to Luke's VIP Chat members.

• Discussion area on all content for VIP Members.



Through the combination of Smart Money Concepts and Wyckoff conceptualisations, James has rounded up a strategy with the purpose of Beating the Banks at their own game. By understanding how the institutions view the markets, James can not only avoid falling victim to their traps but also profit alongside them. With the understanding of order flow and order mitigation, James can make rational yet precise predictions on how the market will play out and exactly which areas hold reversal power. By opting to join James's VIP Chat, you will gain exclusive access to the following:


Daily mark-ups on a range of currency pairs, cryptocurrencies and indices.

Weekly videos of James performing a Top-Down analysis on markets voted by YOU!

Updates on which regions in the markets James deems the best to enter from.

Live Trading Session's exclusive to James' VIP Chat members.

 Fortnightly seminars/educational videos covering topics within James' strategy.

• Discussion area on all content for VIP Members.





If you are new to Forex this might be the course to invest in...

This course will teach beginners the strategies and methods that we use to generate our own material, the same things that we provide on a daily basis to our clients that make them trade confidently, consistently week in and week out. Unlocking this course will give you access to step by step lessons and information that's going to be essential when placing your own trades and generating your own analysis. 


The course will cover the following topics:

What Forex is and how it works

• Basics (Trend Lines & Price Action)

Risk Management

Support and Resistance lines

Indicators (MACD & Fib)

• Candlestick Guide

You will also gain access and be granted the following:

Lifetime access to our VIP Lounge

• Lifetime access to our Learning Lounge Group (Via Telegram)

• One months access to our daily potential entry points and analysis Group (Via Telegram)

A 1-1 Zoom session to cover anything you don't understand or having problems grasping

This course will include both PDF files filled with written information along side videos going through each category listed above with Live examples. If you would like some more information based on this course please contact one of us and we would be happy to help in anyway we can.


The Beating The Banks course has been made with the purpose of exposing the secrets behind the Foreign Exchange markets. Retail traders are constantly being manipulated into losses by the large institutions who lie in the shadows. This course is going to teach you how to avoid falling into their traps and how we can use the information they leave behind to beat them at their own game. 


This revolutionary trading strategy will give you a real edge in the markets and bring you a level of profitability that could before only be desired. The course will include 3 in-depth PDF's covering every piece of knowledge there is to know. Ranging from basic to the most advanced conceptualisations, below are as follows:


• Introduction to the course

• Market Structure (Book 1)

• Smart Money (Book 2)

• Wyckoff and Entry Confirmation (Books 3)


On top of this, you will have constant access to the LAGFX team and community. Feel free to message us or contact the community at any time if you have any queries. Our goal is to ensure you become confident and competent in the use of this strategy!


You will also be granted to the following:


• One Month access to our potential entry points group-chat (via Telegram) 

• 3 x 1 Hour Zoom Sessions to recap over the course and trade the live markets together.

• Private YouTube series explaining in-depth tips and tricks.


Upon completion of the Beating The Banks course, you will view the markets in a completely different light. Everything you see will now have reasoning, the days of being confused are over! You can finally have the same edge in the markets that before only the major banks and investment firms could attain. You will no longer be prey to these predators, so prepare to Beat The Banks at their own game!


As we mentioned in the previous page this course is designed for those who have a good base knowledge with Forex but are looking for a bit of help when it comes to refining everything they know and understand about Forex. This course is going to show you a wide range of tools that you will be able to implement into your trading plan.

This course will cover everything that the Beginners Course covers and so much more! We will go into more depth with every aspect, and ensure that you are familiar with all the tools that the veterans use when tackling the markets! below are the three categories that are covered followed by the PDF's and lessons that will be presented within this course:


 The Basics of Forex - What Forex is & how it works, In-depth Risk Management and Tackling Trading Psychology

• The Laws of Forex - Market Structure & Finding a Bias, Smart Money & Entry Confirmation, Trend-lines and S&R Lines

 Chart Patterns & Tools - Distinguishing Chart Patterns, Everything Candlesticks, Indicators Pt. One & Pt. Two

Upon making the purchase you will also be granted with the following:


• One Month access to our potential entry points group-chat (via Telegram) 

2 x 1 Hour Zoom Sessions to recap over the course and trade the live markets together.

If you have any queries or questions regarding this course or any of the others that are advertised above, don't hesitate to message one of the LAGFX Team! We are more than happy to help with anything you may be unsure about!

If you are wanting to take your Forex knowledge to the next level, this is the programme for you! The LAGFX Mentorship Programme is a 6-month syllabus designed to sculpt YOU into a competent trader. Both James and Luke have combined their knowledge from over 7+ years of trading experience to create the perfect programme!


This programme will start at the bare basics, educating you on what the foreign exchange markets are and how they work. Over the course of the syllabus you will work your way up into the most in-depth and advanced topics never shared before by either James or Luke. Gain the ability to progress through the LAGFX Ranks, starting off as a mentee and working your way up to an LAGFX Ambassador. Show these badges off to others and gain the respect you deserve after the hard work is completed. On top of this you will also be granted access to the following:


• The Mentorship forum 

• Monthly review webinars

• Six months access to the VIP Chats

• Access to all LAGFX's course content

• Progression Badges

• Quiz nights

Gain the option to choose your Mentor and specialise within their chosen strategy. You may choose Luke as your mentor who uses a range of highly sought-after concepts rounded up to create his very own successful trading strategy. This will give you a range of tools that will enable you to adapt to all market phases. On the other hand, you may decide James is the mentor for you. James will help you view the markets from an institutional standpoint, trading the markets with a Smart Money approach with a side of Wyckoffian concepts. Below you will find more information on each Mentors programme. 


Luke's Six Month Syllabus (6 Phases)

I will guide you personally through the unknown with ONE weekly 1-1 hour session on Zoom. Here you will have the chance to go over all the content that is disclosed in each lesson, once that session has finished you'll have a week to revise and go through said content on your own before we cover the next topic within the phase, each phase is comprised of four lessons and I personally have six phases (24 Lessons).


At the end of each phase we will come together collectively and have a review webinar, this is where you will be able to ask any questions you might have before moving on to the following phase, on-top of this, throughout the six month period you will have access to me during working hours to ask any questions you might have about the programme. Once you have successfully completed your Programme, that is when the real journey will begin, I will be there to assist you for ANOTHER six months when you go independent. Below you will find a list of all six phases and what they will entail chronologically:


(Phase 1) Laying out the foundations - Intro to Forex & Terminology, How To TradingView, Support & Resistance, Trend-lines

• (Phase 2) Risk Management & Psychology - Calculating your Lot Size, RR Ratios & SL/TP, Psychology before/during/after

• (Phase 3) Fine-tuning your Strategy - Market Structure & Finding a Bias, Entry Confirmation & Execution, Reading Candlesticks

(Phase 4) Distinguishing Chart Patterns - Double/Multiple Tops & Bottoms, Triangle Patterns, Wedges

• (Phase 5) Using Technical Indicators - Fibonacci Retracement/Extension, MACD, Bollinger Bands, RSI

• (Phase 6) Back Testing & Final Recap - Two Back Testing Sessions, Two Recap Sessions

James' Six Month Syllabus (6 Phases)

If you decide to take me on as your mentor (James) it will be my sole purpose to teach you everything you need to know before you can become successful as a Forex Trader. We will talk not only about my strategy in itself, but also the components alongside this that help to establish a profitable trader.


Take part in weekly 1-on-1 calls where we will discuss a topic, you then have the week to read through the information sheets provided and complete the worksheets. This is to ensure that the information provided is fully digested and therefore sticks with you. Throughout the course of and even AFTER finishing the mentorship programme, you will have constant direct access to myself who will accommodate to any questions or needs that you desire.The 6-month syllabus will cover all of the topics below chronologically:

(Phase 1) Laying the foundations - Intro to Forex, How we profit from the markets, The tools you have available, Intro to my strategy

• (Phase 2) Beating the Banks - Market Structure, Smart Money Concepts, Wyckoff, Distributions 101, Accumulations 101

• (Phase 3) Implementing the Strategy - The 3-Step Approach, Setting up your platforms, Risk Management, Trading Psychology

• (Phase 4) Review Phase

• (Phase 5) Live Trading/Analysis Sessions

Once you have enrolled in a course, simply go back to the "Client Area" Tab and click on the "Classroom". There you will find all the courses.


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