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The Forex Genie is a powerful tool that can help you stay on top of your Forex trading activity. With this planner, you can organize and adjust your trading schedule and trading plan to ensure you are following it at all times. As well as this you can set reminders for important events, such as major economic releases or upcoming central bank meetings using the calander tab.


Additionally, the tracker aspect of this tool allows you to monitor your trades in real-time and keep track of your progress over time. By using this planner and tracker, you can gain a deeper understanding of your trading habits and identify areas for improvement, ultimately helping you become a more successful forex trader.

Being organized and having a planner in place is crucial when it comes to Forex trading. A Forex planner can help you stay on top of your trading activities, allowing you to manage your time effectively and make informed decisions. By keeping track of important events and economic data releases, you can plan your trades accordingly and avoid missing out on potential opportunities.


Furthermore, having a planner in place can help you manage risk by allowing you to set stop-loss and take-profit levels correctly with the right risk percentage, as well as helping you keep track of your open trades and overall trading performance. So with all that being said, being organized and having a forex planner can lead to greater efficiency, improved decision-making, and ultimately, greater success in the forex markets.


This is why the Forex Genie is a must!

Once you have made the purchase for the Forex Genie you will be sent a unique link to your Forex Planner & Tracker. As well as that you will also receive a PDF file with a full guide on how to use the Forex Genie. As stated previously this Planner and Tracker is designed with the purpose to highlight and track your performance, allowing you to analyse how you are performing. We feel it is very important to monitor your performance closely when you first start your Forex venture.


An addition to purchasing the Forex Genie you will be able to have access to one of the LAGFX team once a month to discuss your trading performance and give you feedback and pointers on where you could improve. In order to take advantage of this additional service message one of the LAGFX team and we will arrange a day each month to check your progress. (This service is FREE for the first three months).

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