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We have created an affiliates program at LAGFX to not only expand our reach but to create a partnership with aspirating companies and individuals, with the same drive and aspirations that we thrive on. 

At LAGFX, our main mission is to provide the best in industry standard for Forex education and advice, and to do this, our focus is the client care and satisfaction. But, we want to go further. We want to create a community where the team, our clients and the affiliate partners can come together and benefit from each other. We can share all exclusive benefits and discounts we have to offer and grow the branches of our companies as one.

If you are an existing client or an aspiring entrepreneur and thinking about expanding your horizons then do not hesitate to contact us about our partnerships and share our paths going forward. Stay tuned for regular updates and blogs about our Affiliates and what they all have to offer.  


“Complacency kills creativity, step outside the bubble and prosper”

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Hi my name is Tom, and I am the CEO of Southport Connect.


Southport Connect is an independent company that helps you get only the best garments and shoe-wear below retail. From sportswear to designer, we’ve got it all. With a passion for fashion and a drive for a bargain we can find the best deals and prices for top end clothes and shoes.

We have been an established plug now for just over a year with hundreds of orders and reviews that can all be seen on our Instagram. Every customer is left happy and content with the service we provide. We are based in the North West of England, so we can offer deliveries locally and ship worldwide.


If there’s an item you are after and you don’t see it on our Instagram page, simply send us a message and we’ll do our utmost to source it for you. We will ensure you get a better price with us.


As we are affiliated with LAGFX we will be offering all LAGFX clients an exclusive discount of a further 10% OFF on ALL your orders. If you want to take advantage of this please contact one of the LAGFX team and they will be able to provide you with your discount code.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi Im Maxwell, and I'm a licensed Fitness Coach.


I offer a wide range of services and educational advise all fitness related, to help get you, in the best shape possible. I first started MPCoaching to provide easily understood nutrition, training and lifestyle education.


I'm not your usual Fitness Coach who sells one-off plans, I actually work alongside my clients week by week as I feel its important to be consistent with your clients and guide them through their fitness journey. I make sure to regularly check in with them and make any adjustments that I feel are needed to help benefit the process. I believe it's important to create a plan that fits their lifestyle, job and of course, favourite foods. Being able to adapt around your work and personal life makes the process a little easier for the client, and moulding your nutrition plan around the foods you like also helps the grind of getting fit that little bit more enjoyable.


I love helping people gain muscle or lose fat through showing them what foods and training is best for their current goal! I've helped educate numerous athletes on proper hydration and nutrition pre and during competitions to help bring the best package to their sport.


So if you are looking for a coach that you can rely on, one who works with you and your needs. Then please feel free to drop me a message on Instagram. I will be more than happy to arrange something that better suites you and your needs. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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Individual, beautifully made websites designed to reflect your brand and values. From budget to high end, we work with you through to delivery assuring a personal service.  

We have been providing carefully crafted and conceptually appropriate digital solutions as well as web design services both locally and globally since 2014.  

Our focus is to help you build a strong, memorable branded website that reflects your values, radiates clarity and is visually elegant. The overall aim is to empower you with an effective visual strategy that your audience will resonate with and generates a positive impact for your business.  

Our design process is straightforward and effective enabling us to work with you wherever you are. We guide you through each step so that you can confidently and clearly define your brand and achieve your vision from a place of calm allowing you to attract your dream clients in no time.  

As I am affiliated with LAGFX, it would be my pleasure to offer both existing and new clients that either work with LAGFX or have been referred by the team a 20% discount on your final invoice on your website development and a Free Discovery Call that you can book here. If you are a current client of LAGFX's or have been referred by them please make sure you reference code LAGFXWEB when it comes to contacting us, so we can offer you our discounted rate.

If you’d like to find out more, or if you are ready to start your journey, I’d love to share some time with you. Book a free informal chat and take the next step here.

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Hi, my names Luke and I am the Founder of Kicks By Brix


What we do here is provide custom handcrafted shoes that can be delivered straight to the comfort of your own home. I will work with you on a 1-1 basis to create a fresh pair of customs that no one has on the market, making them more original and unique than ever. 


My creative and innovative designs have been inspired from years of drawing and arts. I find a lot of my passion has also come from years of being tattooed and drawing up designs for tattoos. This has helped me build up a strong portfolio of some amazing designs that can imprinted on any pair of shoes. Here at Kicks By Brix we don’t have limitations, anything is possible. 


We are based in the North West, delivering locally to our customers but we can always ship worldwide. Meaning we can sell to absolutely anyone. As we are affiliated with LAGFX, we will be offering ALL LAGFX clients an added 10% off on ALL orders you place with us for the duration you are with them. All you need to do is refer the discount code that they give you as well your name and we are good to go. 


If you are interested in getting yourself some custom Kicks. Message us on Instagram or visit our website, we look forward to working with you!

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