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This is a page that is dedicated purely to the Brokers that we are partnered with. As you know, we take great pride in what we do and who we associate ourselves with. So with that being said, the Brokers that are listed below are there because we feel they are a right fit us and our clientele. After liaising with many firms we have filtered the ones we work with to a refined few. 

Each Broker offers something unique to our clients and will help provide both you and them with an edge in the Forex markets, making your journey a smooth one. We wanted to find firms that not only look after our clients, but also go the extra mile to ensure that no problems arise during there experience. We believe it's extremely important that you are taken care of and your funds are in the right hands. 

All of our Partnered Brokers are regulated and hold the right licensing to do what they do. Before making your decision and taking the leap to creating an account, please take some time to read through each of our partners so you are aware of everything that they can offer you as a client. Below you will find all the necessary information as well as the links needed to both create and fund an account of your own!


“If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door”




At Monaxa, we empower traders with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to navigate the dynamic world of financial markets. With thousands of instruments available for trading, including CFDs on Stocks, FX, Metals, Indices, and more, we provide our clients with the flexibility to trade what they want, when they want, and how they want.

Our trading platforms are trusted by millions, offering a balance of power and intuitiveness suitable for both seasoned professionals and novice traders alike. From the robust functionality of our platforms to the user-friendly interface, we ensure that every trader can execute their strategies with confidence.

We understand that every trader has unique needs and goals. That's why we offer a wide selection of carefully designed account types, including Standard, Pro, Zero, and Cent accounts, tailored to match the diverse requirements of our clients.

At Monaxa, we strive to be your single point of access to the global markets. We are committed to being your frictionless partner, providing seamless access to trading opportunities and offering comprehensive training environments for your clients to enhance their skills and knowledge.

We take great pride in fostering long-lasting, successful partnerships that prioritize the interests of the client, our partners, and Monaxa, in that order. Our copy trading system enables automatic trading for those seeking a hands-off approach, while our educational platform equips aspiring traders with the resources they need to learn and grow.

Join us at Monaxa and embark on a journey of trading excellence. Together, we'll navigate the markets, seize opportunities, and achieve success.

To register an account today with Monaxa "Click here"

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